Technology Management (Entrepreneurship) is a unique program for students graduate engineers, scientists in the workforce, and others with a passion for technology management and entrepreneurship. This program provides students an opportunity to build strong business management, venturing, and interpersonal skills.

These complementary skills will allow them to effectively communicate their technological ideas and influence others in an entrepreneurial or entrepreneurial environment.


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  • Technology strategy—the logic of how technology will be used and what role technology will have in the organization.
  • Technology forecasting—the use of tools to study the environment for potential technological changes that can both positively and negatively affect the firm’s value proposition.
  • Technology roadmapping—the process of taking an innovation or technology and trying to build more value by looking for ways to use the technology in different markets and places.
  • Technology project portfolio—the use of portfolio techniques in development and use of technology enhances the potential value of technologies being developed and the technologies that are currently part of a firm’s portfolio.

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