AI for Everyone

Course Overview​

For those who are looking to improve enterprise ability using Al, this course will enable participants to learn concepts and applications of Al techniques that are widely used in business. Al is the process of teaching machines to mimic the way humans learn. The idea behind Al is to mimic and simulate human intelligence in machines. These machines are artificially integrated with human-like intelligence to perform tasks we do. It can take a huge amount of data within a single domain and learn to predict or decide at superhuman accuracy and can analyze deeper data in a matter of seconds. This intelligence is built by using complex algorithms and mathematical functions.

Target Group

Who is our Targets?

Those aspiring to be data scientists or Al experts, analytics managers, professionals, business analysts, developers, graduates looking for a career in Al, professionals looking for mid-career shift to Al, and students entering the IT industry

Training Duration

How long it will takes?

1 Day of Training


What is our Ways?

Face to Face
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